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Appel : Fiction brève et désir

“Objects of Desire” – International Conference at Lille Catholic University, 24-26 May 2018

Réponses attendues avant le 15 décembre 2017

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(image : détail de la couverture de Sauvagerie, nouvelles de J.G. Ballard, éd. Tristam)

Organisers: Lille Catholic University, Liverpool Hope University and the ENSFR (European Network for Short Fiction Research)

Call for Papers

Literature, religion and art began with objects of desire and have never abandoned the theme. From Helen of Troy and the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden via Novalis’s blue flower to the throne of Westeros, numerous examples spring immediately to mind, and if the ten commandments tell people not to covet anything that belongs to their neighbours, this surely implies that they are highly likely to do just that.

As the philosopher Elizabeth Anscombe defines it: “The primitive sign of wanting is trying to get,”[1] which explains why desire provides the motive for action, in history and in literature. Every love story, but also every crime novel and every political empire starts with desire, and its object may be a person, a diamond or a continent. Although there is a certainly a difference between Continuer la lecture de Appel : Fiction brève et désir