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Parution : Rape Culture, Purity Culture, and Coercive Control in Teen Girl Bibles

Caroline Blyth, Rape Culture, Purity Culture, and Coercive Control in Teen Girl BiblesRoutledge, 2021

In this fascinating book, Caroline Blyth takes a close look at Bibles marketed to teen girls and asks how these might perpetuate harmful gender stereotypes that lie at the heart of rape culture.

The author considers the devotionals, commentaries, and advice sections placed throughout these Bibles, which offer teen girl readers life advice on topics such as friendships, body image, and how to navigate romantic relationships. Within these discussions, there is a strong emphasis on modesty, purity, and sexual passivity as markers of young women’s ‘godliness’. Yet, as the author argues, these gendered ideals are prescribed to readers using rape-supportive discourses and the tactics of coercive control. Moreover, the placement of these various editorial inserts within the pages of sacred scripture gives them considerable power to reinforce deeply harmful ideologies about gender, sexuality, and sexual violence. Given the seeming popularity of these Bibles among Christian teen girls, the need to dismantle their damaging rhetoric is especially urgent.

This book will be of particular interest to those studying the Bible, religion, gender, and theology, as well as the general reader.

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Appel : Théologie et horreur

Call for Abstracts – Theology and Horror, pour le 15 janvier 2019

Explorations of the relationship between religion and horror are fairly well established. However, this is not the case for theology and horror. Many times explorations of theology and horror involve simplistic readings in which theological concepts or doctrines are spotted within horror narratives and noted as points of connection. While this approach has its place, great possibilities exist for going deeper and wider in the exploration of horror and theology. Horror can be a subversive and edgy genre, and this doesn’t often connect well with conservative assumptions which underlie much of the theological enterprise. Theology is often neat and sanitized; horror is messy and dirty.

This volume seeks to do something different, and to break new ground. Along with exploring how theology is present in horror, this volume will seek to explore how theology can be changed and shaped by an interaction with horror. This can be illustrated with examples of possible topics:

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Parution: TV/Series n°5, "Religions en séries"

tv series

TV/Series n°5

« Religions en séries »


Nous avons le plaisir de vous annoncer la parution du numéro 5 de la revues TV/Series (, numéro intitulé « Religions en séries » dirigé par Anne Crémieux et Donna Spalding-Andréolle.
Accès direct au numéro:

Vous trouverez le sommaire ci-dessous. Très bonne lecture!
Bien cordialement,

Sarah Hatchuel, pour le comité de rédaction de TV/Series


e (Anne Crémieux et Donna Spalding Andréolle)

Shannon Wells-Lassagne. « Religious Aesthetics in Game of Thrones »

Maureen Attali. « Fondamentalisme religieux et féminité démoniaque : réflexions autour du personnage de Lilith dans True Blood »

Sarah Hatchuel. « Lire l’avenir, changer le passé : Rêves et foi en la fiction dans la série Lost »

Emmanuelle Delanoë-Brun. « Esprit de corps, matière d’âme : les cadavres exquis du petit écran (The Walking Dead, Bones, CSI, Dexter, The Closer, et quelques autres) »

Julie Richard et Georges Caron. « La religion et les grandes questions de société : l’exemple de la représentation de la peine de mort dans les séries américaines »

Elizabeth Levy. « “You Killed Our Baby !” : Cristina Yang and the Breaking of the Abortion Taboo in Grey’s Anatomy »

Nolwenn Mingant. « Peut-on être Américain et musulman ? La preuve par l’image dans All-American Muslim »

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Call for papers : Holy Crap! Intersections of the Popular and the Sacred in Youth Cultures (28–29 August 2014, Helsinki, Finland)

Holy Crap!

Intersections of the Popular and the Sacred in Youth Cultures

28–29 August 2014, Helsinki, Finland

2nd Call for Papers and Sessions

Holy Crap! is an international conference organised by the Finnish Youth Research Society and Network, focusing on the interrelations between popular culture, youth and the sacred. The conference aims at interrogating understandings of popular and youth cultures in relation to the contested phenomena of (post)secularisation, re-enchantment and the emergence of alternative spiritualities.

The conference organisers are happy to note that Prof Matt Hills, Dr Clive March and Prof Carolyn Marvin have accepted the invitation to participate in the conference as keynote speakers.

The conference organisers invite proposals for either complete 90 minute sessions or individual 30 minute presentations. The general theme of the conference may be approached from within any discipline or methodology.

The proposals should be submitted via email, preferably as an attachment in doc/pdf/rtf format, to Antti-Ville Kärjä ( no later than 15 January 2014. Notifications of acceptance will be sent by Friday 31 January 2014.

Proposals should include the following information:

  • name(s) and affiliation(s) of the presenter(s);
  • the title of the presentation/session;
  • an abstract of no more than 200 words for a 30 minute presentation or 500 words for a 90 minute session.

For the full version of the call and further information, please visit or contact Antti-Ville Kärjä (