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Parution: Rebuilding Story Worlds The Obscure Cities by Schuiten and Peeters, Jan Baetens

Rebuilding Story Worlds

The Obscure Cities by Schuiten and Peeters

by Jan Baetens


About This Book

A collaboration between Belgian artist François Schuiten and French writer Benoît Peeters, The Obscure Cities is one of the few comics series to achieve massive popularity while remaining highly experimental in form and content. Set in a parallel world, full of architecturally distinctive city-states, The Obscure Cities also represents one of the most impressive pieces of world-building in any form of literature.
Rebuilding Story Worlds offers the first full-length study of this seminal series, exploring both the artistic traditions from which it emerges and the innovative ways it plays with genre, gender, and urban space. Comics scholar Jan Baetens examines how Schuiten’s work as an architectural designer informs the series’ concerns with the preservation of historic buildings. He also includes an original interview with Peeters, which reveals how poststructuralist critical theory influenced their construction of a rhizomatic fictional world, one which has made space for fan contributions through the Alta Plana website.
Synthesizing cutting-edge approaches from both literary and visual studies, Rebuilding Story Worlds will give readers a new appreciation for both the aesthetic ingenuity of The Obscure Cities and its nuanced conception of politics.

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Colloque : les musiques de séries TV, 30-31 mai, Nantes

Colloque international francophone : Les musiques de séries télévisées

jeudi 30 et vendredi 31 Mai 2013, Université de Nantes !

Une manifestation de deux jours consacrée à la musique de séries télévisées réunira à Nantes les 30 et 31 mai 2013 des universitaires et des professionnels. Si la valeur artistique des séries est désormais reconnue, personne ne s’est encore penché sur leurs musiques, qui participent pourtant pleinement à l’originalité et à l’intensité de ces œuvres audiovisuelles. Il nous semble important de commencer à explorer ce passionnant champ de recherche, alors que les travaux sur la musique au cinéma, eux, se multiplient. A travers des communications de chercheurs, certains de renom international (Philipp Tagg, Jean-Pierre Esquenazi), et des tables rondes confrontant au minimum un compositeur et un producteur de séries télévisées, nous chercherons à comprendre les enjeux esthétiques spécifiquement musicaux posés par les séries. les enjeux esthétiques des musiques soulevées dans des séries télévisées.

International Colloquium about televisions series’ music

30 and 31 may 2013 at the University of Nantes.

A two-day event devoted to the music of television series will gathering academics and professionals in Nantes on 30 and 31 May 2013 . If the artistic value of the series is now recognized, nobody has yet considered their music. However it participate fully in the originality and intensity of audiovisual works. It seems important to start exploring this exciting field of research, while work on music in cinema are multiplying. Through communications researchers, some internationally recognized (Philip Tagg, Jean-Pierre Esquenazi), but also with round tables where will confront at least a composer and producer of television series, we will try to understand the aesthetic issues raised from music in television series.

Programme :