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Appel : détectives internationaux

Watching the Transnational Detectives: Showcasing Identity and Internationalism on British Television

8-9 Novembre 2018, Londres 
Réponses attendues pour le 1er juin 2018

A recent article in the Evening Standard posed the question ‘Is it a coincidence that just as governments are seeking to close their borders, television is opening them?’ (March 15 2017). Indeed, in post-Brexit Britain, television viewers have access to an ever increasing number of foreign language programmes. And ‘with the boom in streaming services, a single TV drama can cross borders like never before. Yet still, telling local stories appears to be the secret to international appeal’ (ibid). But what is the relationship between the local, national, and transnational that is presented on screen? And how do these dramas influence viewers’ perceptions of the countries, nationalities and languages which are depicted on screen?This conference will address these questions by focusing on popular global crime dramas that are available with English sub-titles to Continuer la lecture de Appel : détectives internationaux