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Contemporary Greek Film Cultures Conference 2013

Contemporary Greek Film Cultures Conference 2013

An Interdisciplinary, International Conference on Contemporary Greek Cinema.
5-6 of July 2013, At the Hellenic Centre, London

Contemporary Greek Film Cultures 2013 is a 2-day cross-institutional, international conference for the study of Contemporary Greek Cinema and more broadly Greek Film Cultures internationally. The conference aims to bring together academics, critics and practitioners of Greek Cinema, and create debates and discussions on various aspects of Greek film; additionally the conference aims to actively address gaps in the current scholarship in Greek Film Studies, and help promote a more concerted study and theorisation of Contemporary Greek Cinema, reflecting on the multi-faceted contexts of production, distribution and study of Greek Cinema.


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Mikela Fotiou, University of Glasgow : Mikela is a third year PhD student. She researches the work of the Greek filmmaker Nikos Nikolaidis with a specific focus on the representation of women in his films. (

Tonia Kazakopoulou, University of Reading : Tonia is a part-time PhD researcher, currently in her final year. Her research focuses on Contemporary Greek Film and Women’s Cinema; the topic of her thesis is Women’s comedy in contemporary Greek cinema: Olga Malea. She is a Visiting Lecturer in Film at SAE Institute Oxford, and a Tutor in Film at the University of Reading. (

Philip Philis, University of Glasgow : Philip is a third year PhD student in film. He examines a selection of Greek transnational co-productions with a focus on representation of Albanian immigrants and an assessment of issues regarding national cinemas. (

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