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Call for papers : Small Screen Food: American Identity Through a Culinary Televisual Lens

Proposals (500 words): March 15, 2024
Completed Chapters (7,000 words): August 15, 2024

Salman Rushdie characterized the serial television show “as the novelistic medium of the 21st century,” signifying its emerging importance and elevating its status to a realm traditionally occupied by novels. This shift, propelled by technological advancements and new patterns in media consumption like streaming and binge-watching, highlights televisions’ artistic and cultural importance. Rushdie’s view acknowledges television series as valuable cultural artifacts of considerable artistic depth and cultural weight.

Small Screen Food invites scholars in a variety of fields to contribute to an interdisciplinary volume of essays examining the art of serial television. In Television Studies, scholars engage in a nuanced examination of television as a unique cultural medium. This field goes beyond mere content analysis, employing diverse methodologies to probe television’s influence on societal narratives, cultural norms, and individual identities. Scholars in television studies explore television’s reflection and influence on cultural and social values, considering its role in shaping public consciousness and serving as a platform for ideological discourse. Within this scope, the portrayal of food on small screen reveals myriad ways culinary representations in television series both mirror and shape cultural identities and social dynamics. Rushdie’s comparison of TV series to novels opens pathways for Literary Studies to use the analytical tools and theories of the field to interrogate the genre as long form fiction, giving attention to narrative strategies and structures. This volume also intersects intentionally with the field of food studies, a discipline that delves into the complex interplay between food, culture, and identity. This field of scholarly inquiry examines how food practices and preferences transcend mere sustenance, serving as carriers of cultural heritage, expressions of social status, ethical beliefs, and personal values/ideological commitments. Investigating these aspects, food studies scholars investigate food as a potent symbol of both personal identity formation and cultural expression.

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