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Appel : Espaces clos dans l’imaginaire

« Voyages intérieurs et espaces clos dans les domaines de l’imaginaire (littérature, cinéma, transmédias), XIX-XXIème siècle »

Appel à communications

4-5-6 octobre 2017

Salle Ausone, Librairie Mollat, Bordeaux ; Salle Jean Bordes, Maison des Sciences de l’Homme d’Aquitaine (Pessac) ;Maison de la Recherche, Université Bordeaux-Montaigne (Pessac)

Image : Affiche du Festival du Film Fantastique de Gérardmer 2016

Tantôt morphique, tantôt métaphorique, le recours à la notion d’espace en littérature est pratique courante. Ce fait s’explique, entre autres, par la prédisposition du langage spatial à pouvoir s’ériger en un métalangage capable de parler de toute autre chose que de l’espace. Si la théorie littéraire a été longtemps dévouée à la dimension temporelle du récit, Mikhaïl Bakhtine et Youri Lotman ont démontré que les structures spatiales du monde fictionnel sont fondamentales à la production du sens. Ce colloque s’intéresse aux différentes dimensions des univers clos, des espaces fermés dans les productions artistiques de l’imaginaire, tant dans les œuvres littéraires que cinématographiques ou transmédiatiques (séries, jeux vidéo, jeux de rôles, bande dessinée). Une des spécificités de la Continuer la lecture de Appel : Espaces clos dans l’imaginaire

Appel : Space in comics

Spaced Out : Spatiality in Comics

International Conference

Cagliari / 26-27 October 2017

26 October / Aula Magna / Department of Humanities

27 October / Conference Hall/ MEM

Appel : avant le 31 mai 2017

keynote speaker Michael A. Chaney (Dartmouth College)

with the participation of Sara Colaone / Manuele Fior

Space does for comics what time does for film.

McCloud 1994

How is space thematised and transformed, strengthened or weakened in the narrative comic? To what extent do comics rewrite and reinvent space by offering a place where spatial coordinates can be reconfigured in a utopian or fantastic manner? How does this reconfiguration affect perception devices? And again, how can the representation of spatiality in comics be modified within the network of the ongoing transmedia transformations? Continuer la lecture de Appel : Space in comics

Conference: The global and the local in contemporary world crime fiction (Queen’s University, Belfast, 13-14th June 2014)




Conference on the Territorialisation of Crime fiction

Queen’s University, Belfast, 13-14th June 2014

The global and the local in contemporary world crime fiction

Circulation and exchanges

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Dr Dominique Jeannerod, or
Dr Natacha Levet,



Location-Based Storytelling Symposium, June 18th

European Narratology Network (ENN)

Location-Based Storytelling

18 June 2012

In Association with the Narrative Research Group (NRG) and Centre for Excellence in Media Practice (CEMP), Bournemouth Media School


The Executive Business Centre

Bournemouth University

89 Holdenhurst Road


This symposium responds to the recent upsurge in interest in harnessing mobile technologies and mapping tools for the purposes of storytelling.  Whether this involves extending our experience of existing storyworlds or creating innovative spaces for users to explore, such narratives can be potentially empowering, both in the sense of reconnecting with public places and community histories, and in terms of opening up familiar stories to new audiences and new interpretations.

For many people keen to explore the possible applications of locative media, a lack of technological know-how may be a barrier to participation.  The symposium will therefore include exhibitions based on existing projects, and a workshop in which attendees can gain direct experience of using relevant software.   We will explore the huge potential for utilising these kinds of resources in the classroom, and for developing web based artefacts drawing on the knowledge and experiences of communities of storytellers and readers of all ages.

The event is free to attend, but places are limited so please register your interest by emailing Bronwen Thomas (<> )

Lunch and refreshments will be provided.


10.45 : Welcome and Introductions.

11-12 : Professor Martin Rieser, De Montfort University — ‘The Mobile Audience and the Poetics of Space.’

12-1 : Buffet Lunch

1-2 : Tim Wright, Digital Writer/Consultant — ‘Kidmapper, BlakeWalk and TheHaunter: three instances of geolocated literature and social reading in the wild.’

2-3 : Dr Robert Clark, University of East Anglia — ‘What Mapping Writing Can Tell Us About the Novels of Defoe and Austen.’

3-3.15 : Tea, Coffee break

3.15-4.15 : Jerome Burg, Founder of Google Lit Trips — ‘Google Lit Trips: Where Place-Based Literature Study Meets

Google Earth’.

4.15-5.15 : Google Lit Trips Workshop (laptops preloaded with Google Earth required).