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Appel : Fans de culture pop asiatique

Appel à articles pour la revue de Mechademia, Second Arc

Transnational Fandoms

image : la JapaN’ Game (Brive, Haute-Loire)

The CFP for Mechademia 12.1, Transnational Fandoms, is now available. The issue will explore the global consumption, creative (re)production, and widespread redistribution of East Asian popular culture.

The CFP will close on June 1, 2018. Questions and submissions may be directed to the Submissions Editor at submissions [at]

In tandem with the 2018 Mechademia conference in Minneapolis, this volume of the Second Arcjournal will focus on the theme of Transnational Fandoms. It will explore the global consumption, creative (re)production, and widespread redistribution of East Asian popular culture, including, but not limited to, fan cultures surrounding manga, anime, popular cinema, music, fashion, and gaming. Authors are invited to submit papers of 5000-7000 words by June 1, 2018.

Media fandoms arose in Japan and the United States contemporaneously, growing out of the proliferation of mass media in the twentieth century, particularly after the spread of the television in the 1950s and 1960s. As the work of scholars such as Marc Steinberg has made clear, the origins of what is known in Japan as the “media mix” and in the United States as “convergence” or “transmedia” (after the work of communications scholar Henry Jenkins) lay in the rise of Astro Boy and its associated merchandising in the 1960s. From the cross-cultural science fiction fandom scene of Worldcon, brought home to Japan in the 1970s, to the European obsession with Takemiya Keiko, Hagio Moto and the Izumi Salon in the same decade, fandom in the broadest sense has always been transnational. In the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s, and with increasing simultaneity of access enabled by the rise of fandom cultures online since, transnational fandoms focused on East Asian media have proliferated globally. At the same time, the media mix model has increasingly conquered Hollywood, as is evident in the global success of the “Marvel Cinematic Universe” at the box office.

Transnational fan cultures have played an active role in these developments, and professional creators continue to evolve in their attempts to court and to corral fandom approval and fan production. Friction between these groups, and the slippages among them Continuer la lecture de Appel : Fans de culture pop asiatique

Congrès Asie : ateliers sur la littérature populaire

Le GIS Asie et le Réseau Asie & Pacifique (CNRS) organise du 9 au 11 septembre 2015 à l’INALCO le 5ème congrès des études sur l’Asie et le Pacifique.

Des ateliers y seront consacrés aux littératures populaires  : la BD en Asie,  la science-fiction au Japon ou encore un atelier sur la traduction des romans policiers : 

Et sur le roman scientifique et mise en place des canons de la paralittérature (romans policiers et romans scientifiques en Asie)

liste des ateliers :

[Image : Edogawa Rampo, “The Skeleton Gold of Clock Manor”, via]