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Cultural Politics is a welcome and innovative addition. In an academic universe already well populated with journals, it is carving out its own unique place—broad and a bit quirky. It likes to leap between the theoretical and the concrete, so that it is never boring and often filled with illuminating glimpses into the intellectual and cultural worlds.” Lawrence Grossberg, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Moving beyond the boundaries of race, gender, and class, Cultural Politics examines the political ramifications of global cultural productions across artistic and academic disciplines. The journal explores precisely what is cultural about politics and what is political about culture by bringing together text and visual art that offer diverse modes of engagement with theory, cultural production, and politics.

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Table of Contents of the lastest issue

Cultural Politics an International Journal

Rewriting Lyotard: Figuration, Presentation, Resistance

Volume 9, Number 2, July 2013


Exceeding the Given: Rewriting Lyotard’s Aesthetics

Peter W. Milne

Cultural Politics (2013) 9(2): 107-116; doi:10.1215/17432197-2146057

Argumentation and Presentation

Argumentation and Presentation: The Foundation Crisis

Jean-François Lyotard

Cultural Politics (2013) 9(2): 117-143; doi:10.1215/17432197-2146066


Figural Aesthetics: Lyotard, Valéry, Deleuze

Vlad Ionescu

Cultural Politics (2013) 9(2): 144-157; doi:10.1215/17432197-2146075

Art before the Sublime: The Libidinal Economy up against the Pacific Wall

Joseph J. Tanke

Cultural Politics (2013) 9(2): 158-169; doi:10.1215/17432197-2146084

“… A Power of Sonorous Paradoxes …”: Passivity, Singularity, and Indifference in Jean-François Lyotard’s Readings of John Cage

Matthew Mendez

Cultural Politics (2013) 9(2): 170-187; doi:10.1215/17432197-2146093

“Say Rawr!”: Lyotard, Deleuze/Guattari, and the Refrains of Wesley Willis

Mickey Vallee

Cultural Politics (2013) 9(2): 188-202; doi:10.1215/17432197-2146102

(Further) Commentary

Opening Up

Geoffrey Bennington

Cultural Politics (2013) 9(2): 203-211; doi:10.1215/17432197-2146111

What to Paint?

What to Paint?

Jean-François Lyotard

Cultural Politics (2013) 9(2): 212-218; doi:10.1215/17432197-2146120

Lyotard’s Dance of Paint

Leon Phillips

Cultural Politics (2013) 9(2): 219-226; doi:10.1215/17432197-2146129

Book Reviews

Being Affected

Keith Crome

Cultural Politics (2013) 9(2): 227-232; doi:10.1215/17432197-2146185

Figuring Performance

Julie Gaillard

Cultural Politics (2013) 9(2): 233-237; doi:10.1215/17432197-2146194

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