New thematic section from Culture Unbound: “Objectification, Measurement and Standardization”

New thematic section from Culture Unbound: “Objectification, Measurement and Standardization”

Culture Unbound: Journal of Current Cultural Research has published a new thematic section entitled “Objectification, Measurement and Standardization”. It is edited by Tord Larsen and consists of eight articles that give a range of interdisciplinary perspectives on how contemporary trends towards increasing quantification of social life relates to issues of governmentality, management, education and technological innovation. Subjects of the different articles range from quantification of insanity in nineteenth century asylums, via norms of listening in the early recording industry to late capitalist logistics, and the simulacra of neoliberal ‘managementality’.

Featured articles are:

  • Tord Larsen, “Introduction: ‘Objectification, Measurement and Standardization’”
  • Theodore M. Porter, “Funny Numbers”
  • Alexandra Hui, “Sound Objects and Sound Products: Standardizing a New Culture of Listening in the First Half of the Twentieth Century”
  • Jens Røyrvik & Petter G. Almklov, “Towards the Gigantic: Entification and Standardization as Technologies of Control”
  • Emil André Røyrvik & Marianne Blom Brodersen, “Real Virtuality: Power and Simulation in the Age of Neoliberal Crisis”
  • Nigel Rapport, “Towards Moral and Authentic Generalization: Humanity, Individual Human Beings and Distortion”
  • Maria Røhnebæk, “Standardized Flexibility: The Choreography of ICT in Standardization of Service Work”
  • Marte Fanneløb Giskeødegård, “The Right Kind of Feedback: Working through Standardized Tools”
  • Haakon Aasprong, “Recreating the Banana Grower: The Role of Private Certification Systems in the Windward Islands Banana Industry”

In addition to this we have also published a new separate article by Christoffer Kolvraa, “The Father on Display: The House of Jean Monnet and the Construction of European Identity”

You can access all articles for free at:

Culture Unbound: Journal of Current Cultural research is an open access e-journal that seeks to be a forum for contemporary, cutting edge cultural research from a wide range of disciplinary and interdisciplinary areas. We also welcome new article manuscripts in all areas of cultural research, as well as proposals for future theme sections.

Martin Fredriksson
Executive Editor
Culture Unbound

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