CFP: Tomb Raider Collection of Essays

Tomb Raider Collection of Essays 1st of June 2013

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First appearing in the 1996 video game Tomb Raider, Lara Croft has since then been featured in over ten video games, two motion pictures, several graphic novel series, an animated series and books. Moreover, the character’s fame secured her a place in the Guinness book of records as the most recognizable female video game character, as well as a Star on the Walk of Fame in Hollywood. Lady Lara Croft is an intelligent, adventurous, attractive and athletic English Aristocrat and archaeologist. Although she has widely received positive receptions as a strong female role model, there are some voices who reduce this character to her outward appearance. Nevertheless, it is Lara Croft who has been responsible for improving the quality as well as quantity of other female game characters and is widely used as a standard to measure their meaning. The first Tomb Raider (2001) movie is still the second highest-grossing video game movie headlined by a woman. The cultural importance of this vital female character should not be underestimated and deserves a thorough academic investigation.

This publication aims to examine Tomb Raider/ Lara Croft in literature, art, and other media to questions concerning sexuality, gender, identity, social change and feminism. It will provide an interdisciplinary stage for the development of innovative and creative research and examine this vital and complex female protagonist in all her various manifestations and cultural meanings.
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300 – 500 word abstracts (or complete articles, if available) and CVs should be submitted by June 1, 2013. If an abstract is accepted for the collection, a full draft of the essay (5000 – 8000 words) will be required by December 1, 2013.

Abstracts and final articles should be submitted to: Nadine.Farghaly@gmx.netreceipt of the abstracts will be send within one week. In case you do not receive an email, please resend your proposal.

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