Publication : "Culture and the Media", Paul Bowman

Culture and the Media looks at the relationship between what we term ‘media’ and ‘culture’, asking the question: where does one end and the other begin? Written in a lively and accessible style, this book introduces and contextualises the range of different approaches to the study of both of these fields.

Using a lively range of examples and case studies – including moral panics in the British media around punk rock in the 1970s, critiques of consumerism in the films Fight Club and American Psycho, and the YouTube-captured ‘violence’ of protests against student fees – Culture and the Media shows how theoretical and disciplinary debates over the meaning of the media and culture relate to our everyday cultural experiences.


– Introduction

– Chapter 1: Culture is (not) the Media

  • ‘Culture and the Media?’ What and the What?
  • Familiar Impossible Terms
  • Discourse
  • The Extremities of Culture
  • (Un)Popular Culture
  • Barbarian, Philistine and Popular Culture
  • Culture versus the Media
  • Culture as Media
  • The Disagreement of Culture

– Chapter 2: Media is (not) the Culture

  • Media (and) Messages
  • Interconnectedness, V.1
  • Interconnectedness V.2
  • Interconnectedness V2.1 (Supplement)
  • Shop Around
  • Media and Cultural Agency
  • Interconnectedness V3: Disconnectedness

– Chapter 3: Media Representation and its Cultural Consequences

  • Editing Culture: From trivia to tradition
  • Mediatized Ideas, Mediatized Bodies
  • Mediatized Politics
  • Violent Demonstration: A Mediatized Logic
  • Demonstrations of Violence
  • Playing War Games

– Chapter 4: Filming Culture

  • Post-Cinematic Effects
  • Classic Cinematic Effects
  • Media Culture and Coercive Mimeticism

– Conclusion: The Tangled Web


Paul Bowman is Senior Lecturer in Cultural Studies at Cardiff University, UK. His previous books include Deconstructing Popular Culture, Interrogating Cultural StudiesPost-Marxism versus Cultural Studies and The Truth of Žižek.

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