CFP: From Akira to Žižek: Comics and Contemporary Cultural Theory.

Comics & Cultural Theory

Studies in Comics

From Akira to Žižek: Comics and Contemporary Cultural Theory

Papers are invited for Studies in Comics volume 3.2. This special issue seeks to provide a forum for new articulations between comics studies and contemporary cultural theory. The importance and continued relevance of post-structuralist/postmodernist thought, the Frankfurt school’s studies of mass culture, McLuhan’s media theory and Bourdieu’s critical sociology are rightly acknowledged. Such figures dominate theoretical academic discourse on comics, as in other areas of cultural studies, often at the expense of engagement with alternative strands of critical thinking.

Rather than risking stagnation, comics studies needs to critically engage with theoretical paradigms not yet sourced. Submissions are welcome from scholars and enthusiasts that explore the conjunctions of comics and cultural theory. These could be engagements with the work of specific thinkers or emergent schools including, but not limited to:

Bruno Latour and ANT – Michel Serres – Paul Virilio – eco-criticism – thing theory – N. Katherine Hayles – Teresa de Lauretis – Franco Moretti – Manuel De Landa – Manuel Castells – cognitive capitalism – transmedia narratives – Giorgio Agamben – Édouard Gissant – Jacques Rancière – Friedrich Kittler – non-representational theory – speculative realism/materialism – Alain Badiou – Zygmunt Bauman – Rosi Braidotti – Antonio Negri – Jan van Dijk – affect theory – Lev Manovitch – Kojin Karatani – visual culture studies – Slavoj Žižek…

Articles should be 4,000-8,000 words from any discipline with a strong critical focus. Abstracts should be received by 1st May 2012 in the first instance. Please send 300 word abstracts to and include the word ARTICLE in the subject heading. Please indicate the intended word count of the article. Completed papers will be required by 15th August 2012. All submissions are peer reviewed and papers must be in English. Reviews of publications and exhibitions are also welcome, as are creative submissions, by the same deadlines indicated above.

Tony Venezia, guest editor.,id=168/view,page=2/

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