CFP: Environments in Science Fiction: Beyond Dystopias

Environments in Science Fiction: Beyond Dystopias

submission deadline 9 March 2012/ MLA Convention January 3-6, 2013

MLA Convention/Special Session proposal CFP
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This is a cfp for a special session at the MLA Convention in Boston, MA January 3-6 2013. I will submit the panel proposals and we will hear after that whether the session is accepted for the conference.

How do spaces (both built and unbuilt) in science fiction texts and films help shape the relationships between humans, other animals and their shared environments? Spaces (broadly conceived) as well as a sense of place or belonging and identification play roles in many science fiction works. Depictions of the future that may include, but move beyond, dystopias offer us ways to imagine reinventing ourselves and our perspectives, especially our perspectives on new environments. Paper proposals that examine environments in science fiction films, television series and texts are all welcome.

There is a possibility that a book proposal (one publisher has expressed a preliminary interest in the topic) may evolve from this session CFP.

Proposal deadline: 9 March 2012
Email 2 page paper proposals to: Susan Bernardo at

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