Parution : Le Roman policier : lire et écrire l’enquête en Europe (Rilune)

From the beginning of the XIXth century to the contemporaneity, the history of detective novel is marked by a centrifugal motion from Europe. Originally developed on the two sides of the Atlantic Ocean, the detective novel represents nowadays a global phenomenon. Thus, it would be fruitless to consider Europe as an exclusive paradigm in the establishment or in the development of the genre. On the other hand, that does not preclude to think of Europe as a peculiar horizon of writing and reading practices for the detective novel, whose specificities are directly related to the ways the genre is produced and perceived. Constantly hanging between a strong cultural identity and its capacity of circulation across all national boundaries, the detective novel constitutes a metonymy for European literatures as a community of authors and readers. Although the detective novel represents a mirror for national cultures, the universality of the detection paradigm allows its fruition to a particular category of Otherness: a close Other, directly concerned by the revealed mystery as belonging to a context of political, historical and cultural continuity. Although it is impossible to define a “European detective novel”, Europe can be claimed as a specific community of detective literature writers and readers.


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