Parution : Ethnic Minorities, Media and Participation in Hong Kong. Creative and Tactical Belonging

Lisa Y. M. Leung, Ethnic Minorities, Media and Participation in Hong Kong. Creative and Tactical Belonging, Routledge, 2021. 

Second and third generation South and Southeast Asian minorities in Hong Kong, being marginalized from mainstream social and political affairs, have developed an ambivalent sense of belonging to their host society. Unlike their forefathers who first settled in Hong Kong under British colonial rule, these younger generations have spent their formative years in the territory. As such, they have increasingly engaged in the public and political realms of society, partly in response to the territory’s rapid political changes. Leung discusses and analyses the complex and diverse engagement of migrant and minority youths in Hong Kong – and their struggle for recognition, while desiring to ‘be-long’ to a place they call home. Some are joining the calls for democratic changes in the territory. In particular, she argues that much of this struggle can be seen in minorities’ involvement in creative sectors of society.

While it will be of especial interest to scholars with an interest in Hong Kong, this book presents a compelling case study for anyone interested in the dynamics of migrant and minority engagement in the creative sector as a strategy for engagement.

Lisa Y.M. Leung is Associate Professor in the Department of Cultural Studies, Lingnan University, Hong Kong. She has researched and published extensively in the area of minority and migration studies, and is co-author of the book Understanding South Asian Minorities in Hong Kong (2014). She has also researched extensively into the role of social media in social movements, having published journal articles such as ‘Online radio listening as affective publics? (Closeted) participation in the post-Umbrella Movement everyday’ in Cultural Studies (2018), and ‘Free TV as Cultural Right: the case of HKTV Movement’ in Inter-Asia Cultural Studies (2015).

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