Parution : Literary Translation in Periodicals. Methodological challenges for a transnational approach

Laura Fólica , Diana Roig-Sanz and Stefania Caristia (dir.), Literary Translation in Periodicals. Methodological challenges for a transnational approach, John Benjamins Publishing Company, 2020. 

While translation history, literary translation, and periodical publications have been extensively analyzed within the fields of Translation Studies, Comparative Literature, and Communication Sciences, the relationship between these three topics remains underexplored. Literary Translation in Periodicals argues that there is a pressing need for an analytical focus on translation in periodicals, a collaborative network of researchers, and a transnational and interdisciplinary approach. The book pursues two goals: (1) to highlight the innovative theoretical and methodological issues intrinsic to analyzing literary translation in periodical publications on a small and large scale, and (2) to contribute to a developing field by providing several case studies on translation in periodicals over a wide range of areas and periods (Europe, Latin America, and Asia in the 19th and 20th centuries) that go beyond the more traditional focus on national and European periodicals and translations. Combining qualitative and quantitative methods of analysis, as well as hermeneutical and sociological approaches, this book reviews conceptual and methodological tools and proposes innovative techniques, such as social network analysis, big data, and large-scale analysis, for tracing the history and evolution of literary translation in periodical publications.



Towards a transnational and large-scale approach to literary translation in periodicals

pp.: 1 – 17

Chapter 1. De la traduction comme publication et comme glocalisation

pp.: 21 – 46

Chapter 2. Translation, monolingualism and multilingualism as symptoms of literary internationalisation after the First World War

pp.: 47 – 68

Chapter 3. Literary journals and book series as agents of consecration

pp.: 69 – 92

Chapter 4. Metadata mining

pp.: 95 – 120

Chapter 5. Shaping translation in two Mexican cultural magazines

pp.: 121 – 152

Chapter 6. A historian’s approach to quantitative analysis

pp.: 153 – 174

Chapter 7. At the intersection of quantitative and qualitative

pp.: 175 – 202

Chapter 8. Les traductions littéraires dans les périodiques français sous l’Occupation et leur exploitation dans la base de données TSOcc

pp.: 203 – 222

Chapter 9. Novels, translations and reviews

pp.: 225 – 246

Chapter 10. Challenges and strategies for beginners to solve research questions with DH methodologies on a corpus of multilingual Philippine periodicals

pp.: 247 – 272

Chapter 11. The magazine as a medium of cultural translation

pp.: 273 – 296

Chapter 12. Digital methods for revisiting twentieth-century magazines of ideas and culture

pp.: 297 – 316

Chapter 13. Quantitative analysis of translations in Spanish-language periodical publications (1900–1945)

pp.: 317 – 328

Chapter 14. The polyphony of periodicals

pp.: 331 – 346

Chapter 15. Eternal problems

pp.: 347 – 364

Chapter 16. The politics of translation

pp.: 365 – 384

Notes on contributors

pp.: 385 – 390


pp.: 391 – 401

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