Parution : Cultural Perspectives. Journal for Literary and British Cultural Studies in Romania, n° 25/2020 : « Urban culture »

Cultural Perspectives. Journal for Literary and British Cultural Studies in Romania (CP), n°25/2020 : « Urban Culture »

ALMA MATER Publishing House, “Vasile Alecsandri” University of Bacău, 2020.

Cultural Perspectives. Journal for Literary and British Cultural Studies in Romania (CP) is a peer-reviewed annual journal, issued by the Faculty of Letters, “Vasile Alecsandri” University of Bacau, Romania, and published by “Alma Mater“ Publishing House. With an established tradition in the field of cultural and literary studies in Romania, CP disseminates scholarly research findings, innovations and reflections.

The authors of the articles comprised in issue 25/2020 point at the enduring or emerging symbolic meanings and cultural practices associated with physical landscape and social cityscapes. Moreover, they encompass specific aspects of linguistic landscapes along with emotional and spiritual scapes.


Nadia-Nicoleta Morărașu, Luminița Drugă           

Editorial. Urban Culture                                                       

Brînduşa-Mariana Amălăncei

Fragrances and the Spirit of the Cities

Gabriela Andrioai

Promoting Digital Urban Culture through Metaphorical Representations

Ioana Boghian, Petronela Savin

The Romanian Traditional Oven: Cultural Practices and Significations

Mira Braović Plavša, Marijana Alujević

Students’ Perception of Nonverbal Elements in Intercultural Communication

Katarína Brziaková

The Parallels and Differences between the Urban and Country Ways of Socializing in the Worlds of Jane Austen and Helen Fielding

María Inés Castagnino

Bombs in the sky, ruins in the city: aspects of urban bombardment in The End of the Affair and Spies

Carmen Escobedo de Tapia

The Indian Social Novel in English: a Neo-Victorian Encounter

Anca Daniela Frumuselu, Andrea Roxana Bellot

Enhancing Urban Culture Awareness and Anti-racism Values in the EFL Classroom

Raluca Galiţa, Elena Bonta

Shaping Bacău’s Urban Culture through English

Andrea Llano Busta

From Communal Being to Individual Belonging: Potential Selves in Shobha Rao’s Short Fiction

Alejandra Moreno-Álvarez

Shifting Social Awareness: From Monsoon Wedding to Made in Heaven

Monica-Paulina Pătruț

Elements of the didactic communication process – a theoretical presentation

Saeid Rahimipour

The Historical, Religious, and Political Content and Background Detection in Harper Lee’s Work

Saša Simović

Cultural Perspectives and “the Tomahawk Man”

Andreia-Irina Suciu, Mihaela Culea

The City in Zadie Smith’s NW

Dr. Khayala Mammadova, Interview with David R. Pendery: “We are trying to be “one” with our students……”

Book reviews

Daniela Caluianu, A Local Perspective on lexicography. Dictionary Research, Practice and Use in Romania/ Editors Marinela Burada and Raluca Sinu                                                                                                         

Corina Drobotă, Encounters across Linguistic, Cultural and Professional Contexts. In Honorem Professor Elena Croitoru/ Editor Antoanela Marta Mardar                                                                                                         

Ioan-Lucian Popa, English-Romanian Dictionary of Name-related terms/ Dicționar englez-român de termeni referitori la nume   

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