Digital Reason. A Guide to Meaning, Medium and Community in a Modern World

Jan Baetens, Ortwin de Graef, and Silvana Mandolessi, Leuven University Press

  • Introductory and user-friendly textbook for scholars and students in the humanities
  • Multidisciplinary approach to digital culture
  • Cross-fertilization of three major perspectives: history of ideas, art, identity and memory studies
  • Includes a wide selection of examples and case studies with many suggestions for advanced study and reading

The digital revolution has changed our ways of thinking, working, writing, and living together. In this book the authors critically analyse the ways in which these new technologies have reshaped our world in numerous respects, ranging from politics, ideology, and philosophy over art and communication to memory and identity. The book challenges the customary view of a divide between analogue and digital culture, claiming instead that human endeavour has always been characterised by certain forms and aspects of digital thinking, building, and communicating, and that essential parts of analog culture are still being reshaped by new digital technologies. It offers a multidisciplinary approach to digital reason, reflecting the diversity of humanities scholarship and its fundamental contribution to the ongoing changes in our current and future thinking and doing.

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