Parution : Tim Burton

Tim Burton, a Cinema of Transformations

Gilles Menegaldo (dir.) 

PULM (collection “Profils américains”)


Table des matières

Introduction (Gilles Menegaldo)

1) Origins and Cultural Heritage

Bérénice Bonhomme: “Draw me a monster”: the dynamics of drawing in Tim Burton’s creative process

Florence Chéron: Tim Burton’s Early Films: Cinematographic Work Roots

Virginie Vuiglio: Turning Monsters into Martyrs: Suffering and Metamorphosis in The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy and Other Stories

Raphaëlle Costa de Beauregard: Tim Burton’s Big Fish (2003): a “nostalgia” of Early Cinema?

2) Strange Bodies: Across Genders and Genres

Eithne O’Neill: Tim Burton, Ovid, and the Body Piecemeal

Taïna Tuhkunen: Vampires, Witches, Corpse Brides and Patchwork Princesses: the Thrill of Tim Burton’s “Female Gothic”

Florent Christol: Pee Wee’s Big (Racist) Adventure: Freak Show Aesthetics and Ideology

Elsa Colombani: “Split at the Center”: Tim Burton’s Animal-Men.

Yann Calvet: Intelligent Life can be Found Elsewhere! On Mars Attacks!

3) A Matter of Life and Death (Family and Trauma)

Laurent Jullier: “Family is the only wealth!” — or am I wrong? The finally reassuring World of Tim Burton

Marie-Camille Bouchindomme: Death and the Maiden

Xavier Daverat: “Closer to the Bone” (Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride, 2005)

Vincent Baticle: The Handling of Time in Tim Burton’s Feature-length Films

Eithne O’Neill : Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children: Eyes and Skeletons. Flesh and bone

4) Adaptations, Remakes, Reappropriations

Christian Viviani: Sweeney Todd, a “Revenger’s tragedy”

Jean-Marie Lecomte: Americanizing Alice: Tim Burton and the Victorian Imagination

Gilles Menegaldo: Tim Burton’s Cross-genre and Subversive Rewriting of the Frankenstein Myth: From Vincent to  Edward Scissorhands.

Mélanie Boissonneau: Studying Frankenweenie (2013): A Look at Tim Burton and the Frankenstein Method

Anne-Marie Paquet-Deyris : Blood Sample. Tim Burton’s Dark Shadows:

Between Genre Homage and Satire

5) Artists and the creative/interpretive process

Olivier Cotte: Tim Burton and the Animated Film

David Roche: The Spectatorial Terms of Ed Wood (Tim Burton, 1994)

Sophie Benoist : An Experience of Paradox: Johnny Depp in Tim Burton’s Movies

Cécile Carayol: Danny Elfman and the Music Box effect in Tim Burton’s films

Jerome Lauté: “Deeply superficial”: Burton’s “Warholian” Vision of Art and Creation In Big Eyes

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