Appel : sérialité au XIXe siècle


Interdisciplinary Nineteenth-Century Studies Conference,

March 1-4, 2018 at the Hotel Whitcomb in San Francisco, CA Host

Institution: San Francisco State University Lead

Organizer: Sara Hackenberg,

CFP deadline: October 15, 2017

The nineteenth century was shaped by serial forms of organization, production, and communication. By the nineteenth century the idea of the “series” had moved from the discipline of mathematics into the culture at large, as theories of temporal and spatial connection became dominant organizing principles for systems of knowledge developed in laboratories, libraries, and museums. Implied within seriality is both the continuity of cycles and the discontinuity of suspensions.

INCS 2018 invites proposals for papers having to do with any aspect of nineteenth-century seriality, including, but not limited to:

SERIAL CULTURE (PRINT, LITERARY, VISUAL ARTS, THEATER, ENTERTAINMENTS): serial narrative, serial poetry, serial readers, periodicals, newspapers, magazines, the penny press, sequels, chapters, spinoffs, adaptations, serial photography, moving pictures, panoramas, song cycles, operatic cycles, sonnet cycles, musical canon, fugues, story cycles, genres, Bildungsroman, science fiction, steampunk, vampires, mysteries, cartoons, animations, echoes, allusions, narrative suspense, middles, cliffhangers, narrative immersion and world-building, suspension of disbelief, serial rhetorical forms (prolepsis, procatalepsis, hypophora, paradox), repetitions, rhyming, meter, caesura, variations, reinventions

SERIAL TIME: calendars, clock faces, seasons, standardized time, empty homogeneous time, typological time, historical materialism, the dialectic, diurnal time, the working day, the liturgical year, academic terms, courts of assize, revolutions, resurrections, reincarnation, evolutionary cycles, suspended revolutions (1848), fashion cycles, interruptions, stutters, prophesy, psychological and social developments (childhood, adolescence, adulthood), life cycles, hormonal cycles, addictions, apocalypse, inheritance, trauma and repetition compulsion, recurring dreams, causality dilemmas

SERIAL INVENTIONS AND TECHNOLOGIES: suspension bridges, train tracks, serial numbers, circuit boards, the arithmometer, difference and analytical engines, automata, escalators, fax machines, Braille, mechanization, manufactories, power looms, punch cards, evolution, dialectical materialism, circulatory systems, catalogues, optical illusions, stereoscopy and stereoscopes, phenakistoscopes, zoetropes, cameras, panoramic photography, the Cinématographe, the Kinetoscope, the Mutoscope, celluloid, bicycles, carousels, Ferris wheels, suspenders, crinolines, hot air balloons, panoptic structures, treadmills, piano rolls, gramophones, rotary presses, stereotypes

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