Parution : Japanese Pop Culture

Mutual Images Journal: Japanese pop culture in Europe today: economic challenges, mediated notions, future opportunities.

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Manuel Hernandez Perez, Kevin Corstorphine, Darren Stephens : Cartoons vs. Manga Movies: A Brief History of Anime in the UK

Björn-Ole Kamm : Brokers of “Japaneseness:” Bringing table-top J-RPGs to the “West

Bounthavy Suvilay : The Anime VHS Home Video Market in France

José Andrés Santiago Iglesias : Dragon Ball Popularity in Spain Compared to Current Delocalized Models of Consumption How Dragon Ball developed from a regionally-based complex system into a nationwide social phenomenon

Fabio Palumbo, Domenica Gisella Calabro : Japanese Pop Culture, Identification, and Socialization: The Case of an Italian Web-Community

Maxime Danesin  : Beyond Time & Culture: The Revitalisation of Old Norse Literature and History in Yukimura Makoto’s Vinland Saga




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